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[SPG-BK05]Muhanji, Steffi O. and Flint, Alison E. and Farid, Amro M. "eIoT: The Development of the Energy Internet of Things in Energy Infrastructure". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer (in press). 2018. pp.1-110 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2018
[ISC-BK04]Schoonenberg, Wester C.H. and Khayal, Inas S. and Farid, Amro M. "{A Hetero-functional Graph Theory for Modeling Interdependent Smart City Infrastructure}". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. 2018. pp.196 PubLink PrePrint BookInterdependent Smart City Infrastructures2018
[SPG-BC08]Muhanji, Steffi O. and Muzhikyan, Aramazd and Farid, Amro M. "Long-Term Challenges for Future Electricity Markets with Distributed Energy Resources". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. 2017. pp.59-81 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2017
[ISC-BC06]Farid, Amro M. "An Engineering Systems Introduction to Axiomatic Design". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. 2016. pp.1-47 PubLink PrePrint BookInterdependent Smart City Infrastructures2016
[ISC-BC07]{Gilbert III}, Lindsey R and Omar, Mohammed A and Farid, Amro M. "An Application of Quality Function Deployment and Axiomatic Design to the Conceptual Design of Temporary Housing". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. 2016. pp.216-240 PubLink PrePrint BookInterdependent Smart City Infrastructures2016
[SPG-B02]Annaswamy, Anuradha M. and Amin, Massoud and Demarco, Christopher L. and Samad, Tariq and Aho, Jacob and Arnold, George and Buckspan, Andrew and Cadena, Angela and Callaway, Duncan and Camacho, Eduardo and Caramanis, Michael and Chakrabortty, Aranya and Chakraborty, Amit and Chow, Joe and Dahleh, Munther and Dominguez-Garcia, Alejandro D. and Dotta, Daniel and Farid, Amro M. and Flikkema, Paul and Gayme, Dennice and Genc, Sahika and Fisa, Merce Griera i and Hiskens, Ian and Houpt, Paul and Hug, Gabriela and Khargonekar, Pramod and Khurana, Himanshu and Kiani, Arman and Low, Steven and McDonald, John and Mojica-Nava, Eduardo and Motto, Alexis Legbedji and Pao, Lucy and Parisio, Alessandra and Pinder, Adrian and Polis, Michael and Roozbehani, Mardavij and Qu, Zhihua and Quijano, Nicanor and Stoustrup, Jakob "{IEEE Vision for Smart Grid Controls: 2030 and Beyond}". New York NY: IEEE Standards Association. 2013. pp.1--168 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2013
[SPG-BC03]Farid, Amro M. "{Evolution of Electricity Grid}". Bonn, Germany: World Wind Energy Association. 2015. pp.45-48 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2015
[SPG-B03]Farid, Amro M. and Suh, Nam P "Axiomatic Design in Large Systems: Complex Products, Buildings and Manufacturing Systems". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. 2016. pp.1-340 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2016
[SPG-BC04]Farid, Amro M. "{Evolution of the Physical Power Grid}". Bonn, Germany: World Wind Energy Association. 2015. pp.49-56 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2015
[ETS-BC05]Farid, Amro M. "Electrified Transportation System Performance: Conventional vs. Online Electric Vehicles". Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer. 2017. pp.279-313 PubLink PrePrint Book2017
[SPG-B01]Kassakian, John G and Schmalensee, Richard and Desgroseilliers, Gary and Heidel, Timothy D and Afridi, Khurram and Farid, Amro M and Grochow, Jerrold M and Hogan, William W and Jacoby, Henry D and Kirtley, James L and Michaels, Harvey G and Perez-Arriaga, Ignacio and Perreault, David J and Rose, Nancy L and Wilson, Gerald L and Abudaldah, Nabi and Chen, Minjie and Donohoo, Pearl E and Gunter, Samantha J and Kwok, P Jordan and Sakhrani, Vivek A and Wang, Jiankang and Whitaker, Andrew and Yap, Xiang Ling and Zhang, Richard Y and of Technology, Massachusetts Institute "{The Future of the Electric Grid: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study}". Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2011. pp.1--280 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2011
[EWN-BC02]Lubega, William Naggaga and Farid, Amro M "{An engineering systems model for the quantitative analysis of the energy-water nexus}". Paris, France: Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 2013. pp.219--231 PubLink PrePrint BookEnergy-Water Nexus2013
[SPG-BC01]Rivera, Sergio and Farid, Amro M. and Youcef-Toumi, Kamal "Chapter 15 - A Multi-Agent System Coordination Approach for Resilient Self-Healing Operations in Multiple Microgrids". Boston: Morgan Kaufmann. 2015. pp.269 - 285 PubLink PrePrint BookSmart Power Grids2015
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