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Deema Allan
  • Research Assistant in Engineering Systems & Management
  • Email: dfallan_at_masdar_dot_ac_dot_ae

Professional Bio:

I finished my bachelors degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. My graduation project was associated with the development of an eco-friendly opera house. Sustainability and green energy were always my area of interest. For that, I joined the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology in January of 2014. I'm currently a master's student working with Prof. Amro M. Farid on the implementation of electric vehicles and the reduction of CO2 emissions. My research focuses on intelligent transportation energy systems designed specifically for the United Arab Emirates region. My work concentrates particularly on how we can systematically evaluate the integration of electric vehicles while preserving the quality of service and ensuring reliability of the power grid.

  • Current: M.Sc. Engineering Systems & Management. Masdar Institute of Science & Technology
  • 2013 B.Sc. Civil & Environmental Engineering. United Arab Emirates University.

LIINES Publications:

UID Reference Publink Preprint Type Research Theme Year
[ETS-T14] Allan, Deema Fathi ""Enhanced Electric Vehicle Adoption Scenarios For Abu Dhabi Road Transportation"". Masdar Institute of Science \& Technology Master's Thesis. pp.1-110. PubLink PrePrint M.Sc. Thesis 2015
[ISC-C57] Allan, Deema Fathi and Mezher, Toufic and Farid, Amro M. ""{Enhanced Electric Vehicle Adoption Scenarios for Abu Dhabi Road Transportation}"". in UAE Graduate Students Research Conference. Al Ain, UAE. 2016. pp.1-2. PubLink PrePrint Conference Paper Interdependent Smart City Infrastructures 2016
[ETS-C49] Allan, Deema Fathi and Farid, Amro M. ""A Benchmark Analysis of Open Source Transportation-Electrification Simulation Tools"". in 2015 IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Canary Islands, Spain. 2015. pp.1--7. PubLink PrePrint Conference Paper 2015
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