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Reem Al Junaibi linkedin
  • Doctoral Research Assistant in Engineering Systems & Management

LIINES Publications:

UID Reference Publink Preprint Type Research Theme Year
[ETS-C24] {Al-Junaibi}, Reem and Farid, Amro M ""{A Method for the Technical Feasibility Assessment of Electrical Vehicle Penetration}"". in 7th Annual IEEE Systems Conference. Orlando, FL, United states. 2013. pp.1--6. PubLink PrePrint Conference Paper 2013
[ETS-C29] {Al-Junaibi}, Reem and Viswanath, Asha and Farid, Amro M. ""{Technical Feasibility Assessment of Electric Vehicles : An Abu Dhabi Example}"". in 2nd IEEE International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo. Las Vegas, NV, USA. 2013. pp.410 - 417. PubLink PrePrint Conference Paper 2013
[ETS-W05] Hadhrami, Mohamed Al and Viswanath, Asha and {Al-Junaibi}, Reem and Farid, Amro M. and Sgouridis, Sgouris ""{Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Adoption Potential in Abu Dhabi [ETN-W02]}"". Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi, UAE. pp.1--217. PubLink PrePrint Technical Report 2013
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