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William Hickman linkedin
  • Undergraduate Researcher in Engineering
  • Email: william_dot_w_dot_hickman_dot_16_at_dartmouth_dot_edu

Professional Bio:

Will is an undergraduate at Dartmouth College working towards his Bachelor of Engineering degree, focusing in electrical engineering. He performed power electronics research at the Thayer School of Engineering and did commercial computer science work on problems related to autonomous driving and data integration. Will is writing an undergraduate honors thesis on the energy-water nexus within the LIINES and will graduate in 2016.

LIINES Publications:

UID Reference Publink Preprint Type Research Theme Year
[EWN-J32] Hickman, William and Muzhikyan, Aramazd and Farid, Amro M. ""{The Synergistic Role of Renewable Energy Integration into the Unit Commitment of the Energy Water Nexus}"". Renewable Energy. :(1) pp. 220-229. 2017. PubLink PrePrint Journal Paper Energy-Water Nexus 2017
[EWN-J29] Farid, Amro M. and Lubega, William Naggaga and Hickman, William ""{Opportunities for Energy-Water Nexus Management in the Middle East and North Africa}"". Elementa. :(134) pp. 1--17. 2016. PubLink PrePrint Journal Paper Energy-Water Nexus 2016
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