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Weather-Aided State Estimation Paper Accepted at IEEE ISGT Europe 2013

As humanity comes to increasingly rely on renewable energy sources, the electric power grid becomes increasingly vulnerable to sudden shifts in the weather.   Mitigating this challenge requires up-to-date information to be sent to power system operators so as to maintain situational awareness as weather events happen.  In the first paper of its kind, Reshma Francy, Prof. Amro M. Farid and Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi have published a paper entitled:  “A Weather Aided State Estimator for Power Systems with Integrated Variable Energy Resources“.  This work provides power system operators with an enhanced and forecasted view of the power grid as it responds to weather conditions.

The work will be presented at the 4th IEEE European Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark October 6-9 2013.  The Conference will provide to the participants from industry and academia the opportunity to discuss the cutting-edge development of smart grid technologies and the associated solutions related to increased penetration of renewables and distributed energy resources in the power system.

Full text of the paper and previous work may be found through the LIINES Website  publications page under paper code [SPG-C07]


LIINES Websitehttp://amfarid.scripts.mit.edu

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