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Prof. Amro M. Farid presents paper on Optimal Power and Water Flow at IEEE IWIES 2013

In the middle east, water and electricity utilities are often combined within a single utility due to the presence of conventional desalination facilities that co-produce water and power.   This organizational and physical configuration opens opportunities for the co-optimization in the dispatch of power and water.  In the third of a three paper series, Prof. Amro M. Farid presents the paper entitled:  “Optimal Network Flow for the Supply Side of the Energy-Water Nexus“.  This work specifically addresses the network flow constraints that describe the geographical distribution of the two distribution systems.

The work will be presented at the IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Energy Systems in Vienna, Austria November 14th 2013 which aims to bring researchers from academia, industry, standardization and public authorities together to discuss recent developments in architectures, concepts and algorithms for managing the increasing complexity in energy systems, especially in Smart Grids.  This year, the IEEE IWIES is collocated with IECON 2013 – The 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

Full text of the paper and previous work may be found through the LIINES Website  under paper code [EWN-C05] :  http://amfarid.scripts.mit.edu publications page.


LIINES Websitehttp://amfarid.scripts.mit.edu

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