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Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries & Masdar Institute Joint Workshop

Following on the heals of their back-to-back conferences, Reem Al Junaibi and Prof. Amro M. Farid presented the results of their Abu Dhabi Electric Vehicle Technical Feasibility study in a joint workshop including participants from the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.  They were joined by Mohammad Al-Hadrami and Prof. Sgouris Sgouridis who also investigated the socio-economic barriers to electric vehicle adoption.  The workshop was held on the Masdar Institute campus on December 17th 2013 and marked the official end to what has been a tremendously successful project demonstrating collaboration between public, private, and academic entities.

After the day-long workshop, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries hosted Masdar Institute and the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation in a two-day workshop in Malaga, Spain on December 19-20 2013.  Malaga, Spain proudly marks itself as one of Europe’s leading smart cities. The Zem2All project, with the largest deployment of Electric Vehicles, is a testament to this achievement.

Prof. Farid continues to advocate Intelligent Transportation-Energy Systems.  In other words, the intelligent system consisting of monitoring, decision-making and dispatching functionality should have a transportation as well as energy management function.  Efforts are currently underway at the LIINES to develop models and control solutions which may be directly integrated into Intelligent Transportation-Energy Systems.  A full reference list of energy-transportation nexus research at the LIINES can be found on the LIINES publication page: http://amfarid.scripts.mit.edu


LIINES Website: http://amfarid.scripts.mit.edu

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