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The LIINES’ Steffi Muhanji is featured as a Teaching Assistant in Dartmouth Engineering Magazine

It is as the old saying goes:  “One’s knowledge increases when it is given away.”

It is for this reason that LIINES graduate students are often encouraged to become TA’s as part of the graduate program.  One good example is first  year graduate student is Steffi Muhanji who was recently featured as a Teaching Assistant in an article in Dartmouth Engineering Magazine.    As a Thayer B.E. graduate, Steffi has intimate knowledge of the undergraduate engineering major and has TA’d ENGS 73 (Materials Selection and Processing) under the guidance of Prof. Harold Frost and Prof. Ulrike Wegst.  Steffi is also TA’ing ENGS 22 (Systems) this Fall 2016.

See what Steffi and other Thayer students had to say about the best part, hardest part, and lessons learned of the TA’ing experience.


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