Mission: The LIINES is devoted to the sustainable and resilient transformation of intelligent multi-energy engineering systems in our Anthropocene era. Our internationally recognized, locally relevant and industrially facing program of research engineers intelligent and integrated decision-making systems that support the convergent design, planning and operations of such large-scale, multi-stakeholder engineering systems. These activities encourage and facilitate technology policy that support the achievement of energy, water, transportation and industrial policy objectives while eliminating barriers to sustainable and resilient solutions founded in a digital and shared economy.

Smart Power Grids: Future electric power systems must integrate variable energy resources, accommodate electrified transportation and heating, and empower consumers with a digital and shared economy.

Hydrogen-Energy-Water Nexus: Clean energy and water are two essential resources that any society must securely deliver.  Their usage raises questions of nations’ sustainability and resilience the face of global mega-trends such as population growth, urbanization, climate change, and economic growth

Electrified Transportation Systems: The electrification of transportation presents one of the most pressing challenges in the decarbonization to a net zero emissions economy.  The successful adoption of multi-modal, connected, automated, shared, and electrified transportation systems requires multi-infrastructure coordination.

Industrial & Supply Chain Energy Management: Increasingly competitive marketplaces have necessitated mass-customized products of increasingly short product life cycle. Industrial operations must find resilient and sustainable solutions to shifting fluctuations among customers and suppliers while managing the quantity, timing and cost of their energy consumption.

Smart Cities, Regions & Nations: Smart cities, regions and nations require convergence research that address the interdependent societal challenges of the Anthropocene era. This research theme represents a concerted effort to converge the knowledge, methods and results of the other research themes across spatial and temporal scales.

Funding Acknowledgements: The LIINES is grateful for the generous sponsorship of a government, industrial and non-for-profit funding entities.