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Prof. Sergio Rivera linkedin
  • Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the National University of Colombia
  • Email: srriverar_at_unal_dot_edu_dot_co
  • Phone: +57 3204632806

Professional Bio:

Dr. Rivera is currently an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the National University of Colombia where he specializes in smart grids. He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the within the LIINES at the Masdar Institute of Science & Technology.

Prior to his postdoctoral fellowships, he was working General Motors as a Senior Process Engineer in the Manufacturing Engineering Area. Meanwhile, he was a professor of power systems in the District University where he taught courses in the reliability of power systems and electricity markets. His received his Ph.D. from the Electric Energy Institute at the national University of San Jan in Argentina. There, he proposed a methodology for short-term investment decisions in electric distribution networks considering uncertainties in planning parameters.

Research Interests:
  • Reliability of Power Systems
  • Electricity Markets
  • Multi-Agent System Coordination and Control of Micrograms
  • Modern Heuristic Optimization for Power Systems.

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