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Toufic Mezher linkedinresearchgate
  • Professor of Engineering Systems & Management -- Masdar Institute of Science & Technology
  • Email: tmezher_at_masdar_dot_ac_dot_ae
  • Phone: +971 2 810 9160

Professional Bio:

Toufic Mezher is a Professor of Engineering Systems and Management at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) since 2008. He is currently affiliated with the Institute Center for Smart and Sustainable Systems (iSmart). Before joining MIST, he was a Professor of Engineering Management at the American University of Beirut from 1992 to 2007. He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida in 1982, and a Master and Sc.D. in Engineering Management from George Washington University in 1988 and 1992 respectively.

Research Interests:

  • Renewable Energy Management and Policy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Technology Strategy and Innovation Systems

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