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LIINES/MRL Collaboration Featured in IEEE Colombia Newsletter

Dr. Sergio Rivera’s research on Microgrid Coordination has been featured in the August Edition of the IEEE Colombia Newsletter.  This work is part of the ongoing LIINES/MRL project entitled:  “Reliability Power Grid Operation & Control in the Presence of Increasing Penetration of Variable Energy Resources”.  Dr. Rivera has been an active member of the project since April 2013 and has already produced research presented at the 2013 Energypath Conference in Philadelphia, PA, the 2013 MIT Postdocs Share Their Science in Cambridge, MA, and the 2nd World Smart Grid Conference Middle East in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dr. Rivera’s publications and presentations can be found on the LIINES Website under the Smart Power Grids research page.


LIINES Websitehttp://amfarid.scripts.mit.edu

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